Production Manager生产经理
Production Manager生产经理
苏州新区 | 8年以上经验
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  • 生产经理/车间主任
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  • Responsibilities:
    - To head and lead the Production Team and undertake and be responsible for all of the Production activities in Suzhou. This covers the various product lines and requires close working relationships with other internal departments.

    - To build and develop a team that is able to deal with the growing number of product lines and ensure that the Production standard is raised and then maintained. To also develop a greater knowledge & expertise within the Production teams across the various product lines.

    - To ensure that the Production activities are clearly defined, communicated & delivered on time according to the production planning requirements of the Suzhou factory. Must be a strong and dedicated.

    - To evaluate and continuously improve the Production processes and procedures and constantly strive for clear communications and good working relationships with the other internal departments. As necessary modify or produce new processes & procedures to continually improve the effective and efficient running of the department.

    - To co-ordinate and facilitate successful and effective implementation of Production lean and Operationa Excellence approach across relevant business / product areas, this will include new products & product lines that may be introduced into Suzhou.

    - Assess and review the Production resource capacity, capability and productivity against the production planning requirements now and the future. Manage the overall performance of the teams reporting back directly to the Managing Director.

    - To be fully responsible and accountable for the environmental, health & safety within the production area. To work closely with the quality team with the aim of continuously improving the EHS, build standards and Quality and continuously improve the efficiency & production utilisation within the factory area.

    - Be part of the Management Team in Suzhou, contribute to weekly management meetings and complete the monthly business reports in a timely manner through the Managing Director. Monitor and maintain all assigned KPI’s and provide support / drive the lean activities within the business. Contribute to the business forecast and ensure the associated targets are monitored and achieved.

    - Ensure that all Production activity is in compliance with Wartsila Policies, safety, quality and procedural standards, and relevant national and international legislation and where necessary conform to clients’ specifications.

    - Monitor the issuing of work instructions and ensure these are maintained to reflect the production guideline documentation, co-ordinate any changes with the Product Engineering team in Suzhou.

    Communication skills & Customer relations
    English language
    Cooperative skills
    Culture knowledge
    Meeting facilitation
    Presentation Skills
    Representation and etiquette
    Training skills
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