Sales Development Representative
Sales Development Representative
苏州工业园区 | 5年以上经验
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  • 渠道/分销专员,销售代表
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    1. Utilize Salesforce, existing data bases, cold calling, and email to generate new sales opportunities
    2. Leverage insights from marketing technology and other internal resources and personalize outreach
    3. Develop and nurture relationships with qualified leads using multi-channel tactics
    4. Research prospects and qualify the likelihood and magnitude of partnership
    5. Determine the needs and challenges of the prospect and position the value of our solutions
    6. Nurture relationships with qualified prospects, build long-term trusting relationships with prospects to qualify leads as sales opportunities
    7. Proactively seek new business opportunities in the market
    8. Set up discovery calls and demo requests, and pass arranged meetings to sales managers
    9. Report to manager with weekly, monthly, and quarterly results
    10. Calling inbound leads, making outbound calls, and mass emailing

    1. 利用 Salesforce、现有数据库、陌拜电话和电子邮件来创造新的销售机会
    2. 利用来自营销技术和其他内部资源的见解,实现个性化外展
    3. 使用多渠道策略发展和培养与潜在客户的关系
    4. 研究前景并确定合作的可能性和规模
    5. 确定潜在客户的需求和挑战,定位我们解决方案的价值
    6. 培养与潜在客户的关系,与其建立长期信任关系,将其转为销售机会
    7. 积极主动地寻求市场新商机
    8. 设置发现电话和演示请求,并将安排好的会议传递给销售经理
    9. 向经理报告每周、每月和每季度的结果
    10. 呼叫入站潜在客户、进行出站呼叫和群发电子邮件

    1. Bachelor’s degree or at least 5 years of relevant work experience
    2. 2-3 years of sales development experience, with proven track record of achieving measurable monthly lead development/sales goals
    3. Excellent communication skills via phone and email in Chinese, English is a plus
    4. Proven creative problem-solving approach and strong analytical skills
    5. Strong desire and ability to move up within a sales organization
    6. Performance focused and achievement driven
    7. Strong organizational skills in planning and execution
    8. Proficiency in Microsoft Office, Salesforce and sales enablement tools
    9. Ability to be assertive and persuasive without being aggressive
    10. Able to work independently and reliably
    11. Strong interpersonal skills (ability to purposely capitalize upon relationships)

    1. 本科学历或至少5年相关工作经验
    2. 2-3 年的销售开发经验,具有实现可衡量的每月潜在客户开发/销售目标的良好记录
    3. 优秀的中文电话和电子邮件沟通能力,英语优先
    4. 经过验证的创造性解决问题的方法和强大的分析能力
    5. 在销售组织中有晋升的强烈愿望和能力
    6. 注重绩效和成就驱动
    7. 在计划和执行方面具有很强的组织能力
    8. 熟练使用 Microsoft Office、Salesforce 和销售支持工具
    9. 有自信和有说服力的能力,而没有攻击性
    10. 能够独立可靠地工作
    11. 强大的人际交往能力(有目的地利用人际关系的能力)
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